Why Goals are Important

"When you don’t set goals, you can spend your whole life running up and down and not achieve anything" - Bill Copeland 


We've always been told to set goals and write it down but why? When you set aside time for you to really focus on what your goals are - you are living a purpose driven life. 

Goals help you FOCUS

When you have a goal, your attention is focused on a set target - that way you are not wasting time and energy on everything that comes your way. Without clear cut goals, you might start a project, and then move to another one before you finish the previous one. If you never finish what you start, you can never accomplish anything worthwhile. 


Setting a goal is your ROAD MAP 

An airplane has a set route it has to follow, in order to arrive at its destination. So does a ship. Wind and weather conditions can affect the airplane’s and ship’s courses. However, knowing the exact destination enables the pilot and the captain to make the proper adjustments. So it is with goals.

With a clear-cut goal, you know where you are heading, and can always correct your course if you move away from it.

Setting a goal is like having a map, a compass, and a clear route to your destination. You know where you are and where you are heading.


ENJOY the journey

Enjoy the journey toward your goal. The goal is important, but the route is not less important. On the route, you learn new things, have new and exciting experiences, interact with people and get new skills.


I would leave you with these 1 question to ask yourself this week: 

- Did I set & forget my goals - What actions can I make this week to progress with my goals?